Taste Of BNI Increased

Audience by 200% through

social media Promotions


  • Social media branding
  • Social media advertising


  • Facebook
  • Instagram


Increased Audience

Project Overview

Taste of BNI was an exclusive food festival hosted by the BNI Emeralds chapter of the Calicut region. BNI is the world's largest and most successful business networking organisation, with Members and Chapters in over 75 countries. BNI assists entrepreneurs in growing their businesses by introducing them to a large business network. BNI Calicut region will hold several events in each chapter, with "Taste of BNI" being one of the most noticed and successful events in recent times. The main draw of the event was the participation of BNI family members and YouTube vloggers in Calicut

Brand Overview

As a project from one of the top business networks in the world we took it as our prestigious work. We devised a proper strategy for presenting the event on social media using our expertise and experience in social media marketing. We were able to provide the perfect output at the perfect time, thanks to the hard work of our talented copywriters, creative graphic designers, and vibrant video editors. Presenting a food festival to the foodies paradise, Calicut, was a difficult task. However, our team spirit helped us overcome the challenge.


To reach as many people as possible in a short amount of time was the key difficulty we encountered while planning this project. First and foremost, we wanted as many people as possible to attend the event. Second, we wanted to keep them interested and engaged in our activities. To achieve both objectives, we decided to establish an online presence on Facebook and Instagram. We chose to establish a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram in order to accomplish both objectives.


  • Build an effective social media strategy for the event presentation
  • Prepared a fine social media calendar
  • Created video and image creatives as per the plan
  • As the final conversion strategy executed some ad campaigns
  • Engaged the audience through out by providing a event plans
  • Keep the digital presence live throughout the project duration.


  • 200% Increase in expected audience
  • 658% Increase in facebook page reach
  • 1140% Increase in engagement
  • 5.5k% increase in instagram page reach
  • 273.3% increase in Facebook page visit
  • 445.8%increase in Instagram profile visit